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Budget cuts costing public service jobs union chief says

Budget cuts costing public service jobs union chief says

A new report on Canada’s public service shows that government job cuts will not be short-term, but that Canada’s $9-billion annual deficit will grow for several years, unless the federal government changes course.

The report, by the Canada Labour Code (CLC) and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), warns that while jobs in Canada’s largest public sector are at risk, the current fiscal situation is untenable.

The report concludes that the federal government will need to increase spending, which the report says should be part of a balanced 우리카지노budget.

“There is only one thing that will put a stop to our annual projected deficits for this fiscal year and two years into the future,” the report states. “Public service union leader Bill Boyd believes that Ottawa must make some significant changes. They could be: increasing public debt, investing in new public programs, or even cancelling the Canada Pension Plan as the Canadian public jarvees.compension system’s funding status is vulnerable to the U.S.’s $10.3-billion government bailout.”

The report argues that all three of these measures – raising money through new revenues, expanding the public services and raising taxes on business – are a way to pay for more jobs while keeping the debt down.

Read on to learn more about the potential consequences of더킹카지노 public sector job cuts:

Report is not policy, says BC Liberals

Conservative Senator Carole James, who chairs the chamber’s labour committee, is the chair of the Committee on the Public Service. She said she thinks the CLC report is more analysis than policy, and should not be deemed a policy-making body.

“The CLC report is not a recommendation. The CLC’s report is a recommendation to the government on what it should do,” she told the CBC’s Information Morning program.

“The public service is an economic engine. If the economy and jobs are failing, you’ll see those programs fail in an economy that’s really trying very hard.”

However, former federal PC Leader Preston Manning pointed out that even if public sector jobs in Canada are at risk, the CLC report’s recommendations only apply to the public service.

“I don’t think it’s a reasonable recommendation to do as much damage to public services, to public sector jobs if the public service is at risk,” he said.

“A bigger part of the problem is the public service has failed the people it’s meant to serve and it’s faile

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